Frequently Asked Questions

What motivates you?

To see the reaction on people’s faces throughout my shows, both young and old. The feeling when I can put a smile on someone’s face, and when people take the time to come and talk to me afterwards makes it all worthwhile for me.

Have you insurance?

Yes, I have public liability cover for shows worldwide.

How often do you have to practice on the motorcycle?

I try to practice most evenings. If not, I am either on my Trials bike or cycling instead.

How the hell do you do that?!?!

Practice! Practice! Practice!

How many broken bones have you had?

The first bone I ever broke in my body was in November 2016 when my bike fell on my toe when I was practising at my local spot in Galway.

What CC are your stunt bike’s?

BMW F800R’s are: 800cc / BMW G 310 is 310cc

What size space do you need to perform?

My ideal size arena is 20 x 60 metre’s Minimum 15 x 50 meter’s but the most important thing is that the surface clean, hard standing ground and has no slopes.

Can you do your shows in the rain?

Any trick I can do on a dry surface, I can also do in the rain, as long as the surface is in good condition and level with no slopes or holes!

What Age did you start riding bikes?

Age 6.

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Booking Enquiry

Mattie is able to cater for any type of event. He is fully insured, can provide copy’s of his risk assessment and insurance. Weather conditions don’t affect his performance. He can also provide any images or information that you require to promote your event or show. If you would like to book Mattie for an event or have any questions you need answered, feel free to get in touch.

T: +353 86 8239859
E: [email protected]